Student Reporter: The Meaning of Love

February is a confusing month. It is the second month of the year, but it only has 28 days on it, as opposed to either 30 or31. On top of that, only on a Leap Year, which occurs once every four years, the date count increases from 28 to 29. So now, anyone who was born on February 29th have to decide whether to celebrate their birthday on the 28th or March 1st, or celebrate their birthday once every four years. And inthe midst of all that, we have a holiday that, more or less, confuses people, not because of the month that encases it, but because of the deeper meaning behind it. The day revolves around love. Not just a specific kind of love, but of every kind of love for all. But what exactly is love?
Love isn’t anything specific. It can mean a huge variety of things. It could mean faValentines-day-valentines-day-22236757-2560-1600mily or friendship or admiration , and many other things. Love can evoke a lot of feelings, like happiness, sadness, anger, determination, pride, arrogance and… well, you get the idea. Love is powerful in many ways. So it makes sense to create a holiday based off of it. This train of thought must’ve been what led to the creation of Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated smack dab in the middle of the confused month of February, right on February 14th. I’m guessing that early people found love to be very confusing. So the confusing month seemed to be the best month to put this holiday in.
So what does love mean to the simplest of words? Well, to put it simply, it shows you actually care. If you love your parents so much, you can easily see how hard they are¬†working for you. Your mom is up late scrubbing all the dirt off those dishes, your dad is licking the envelope which contains all the money to pay their bills, your sister is trying to babysit you so that you don’t go off doing things you’re not supposed to. You see them doing all these things. Naturally you want to express your gratitude, or love, to them, right? So Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give them a Thank You card to express your love to them and the work they do.

What about your friends? What can you do without your friends? They keep you from getting bored in school. They cheer you up when you’re down in the dumps. They give you advice when you encounter a situation or a problem. There are many things friends do even when you don’t notice it. Why wouldn’t you want to express some gratitude toward them. Why wouldn’t you want to spare some money to give them a card? It will at least make up a little bit for how much they have influenced your life.
Of course, there may be exceptions, but this is what love is in the simplest of words. To get a better understanding, let’s flip the problem on its head. Let’s take a look at the opposite of love, or, in other words, hate. Let’s say you’re walking to your next class without a care in the world when you suddenly realize you’d taken the wrong route to your next classroom, which ultimately puts you face-to-face with the school bully. He grabs you by the shirt, calls you insulting names, slams you into the wall a bunch of times, flips you over and shakes you until all of your lunch money comes out, grabs the money and leaves you there all dizzy. How do you feel toward the bully? Do you feel love? Or do you feel hate? Naturally, anyone in that situation would show immediate hatred toward that bully as soon he grabbed you by the shirt. Do you care for the bully now? Do you want him to be happy and have a happy life? No way. You want him to have a terrible life. You want him to be sad. You don’t care what happens at all to that bully. He could fall into a bottomless pit for all you cared.

Love is a very complicated concept and it is one that has fascinated many people. Even when putting it in the simplest of words, there are some things that can be considered outside the box. And remember, although, February may be a confusing month, it is an exciting and adventurous one in the end.

The End


Contributed by Pranav Puttaparthi