Student Reporter: No New Year

December 31st feels like every other day in the year. Nothing special to it. You get up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, the same old thing. Nothing different. So why is December 31st such an important day? Well, because of New Year’s Eve, of course. It may be obvious, but it’s really easy to forget. I can’t tell you how many people have forgotten about New Year’s Eve until they checked their watched or calendar or looked at the date on their phone and read the important day that was taking place tomorrow, New Year’s Day. Not New Year’s Eve. So why is New Year’s Day so much more striking than New Year’s Eve? Well, because everyone has gotten bored of 2015. We need some 2016 to shower in on our lives or else we’ll get so tired of 2015 that we’ll blow our minds off. The New Year is the time to start from a blank slate, make sure things go in a different and better way. I mean, just imagine if we didn’t have a New Year’s Day.

What if we didn’t have a New Year’s Day? Really stop and think about it. No New Year’s resolutions, no changes in the year, nothing. How exciting would that be? It would probably be a little bit dull. That would mean no change in the world, no change in the people around us, and, worst of all, no change in yourself. Everyday will be pretty much the same thing with absolutely no difference. Don’t you think that may be boring? No matter how terrible change may be, it’s what makes the world go round.
With no New Year, every year will be pretty much the same. No difference, no variety, nothing. And without New Year’s resolutions, people won’t decide to change themselves for the better, meaning they won’t be able to tell the difference between the good and the bad. And that could be very bad.
School would be the same, you would be in the exact same grade everyday, the same people will pick on you, you’ll eat the same stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you’ll go to sleep in the same bed. Is that really what we all want? No matter how painful change can sometimes be, it has to happen or we’d be bored out of our minds. People have to discover new things, new technology has to be created, new food must be cooked, new books must be written, and new clothes have to be fabricated, all for the sake of human survival. If these things don’t happen, the human race cannot survive and soon we would live our lives in hiding.
Without a New Year, the change that happens constantly within and around us will no longer exist. The reason why we celebrate the New Year’s Day more than New Year’s Eve is because New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are kind of like the before and after image. We don’t really appreciate the before image because we’d seen it many times before, but the after image is something new and interesting and that’s why we celebrate it.
So just take a second to appreciate the New Year for reasons other than staying up all night and partying. New Year’s Day isn’t all about celebrating New Year. It’s also about celebrating change. And, again, change is what makes the world go round.

Contributed by Pranav Puttaparthi