Student Reporter: In Santa’s Perspective

Days and days pass by, and you’re sitting around waiting. The whole time, you’re thinking in your head, When will it come, when will it come? When will Santa come down from the fireplace? When will he go to the Christmas tree? When will he drop his presents off? When will he put coal in our stockings? Well, ok, maybe you don’t want that to happen, but I’m just saying. You currently know the answer to all those questions: Christmas. But it’s too far away to be true. You just want it to come closer. And closer. And closer. But it won’t. It’s just too far away. Then… all of a sudden it’s RIGHT IN YOUR FACE and you have no time to react. You fall flat on your face, get right back up and yell, “IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!”
That’s right. Christmas. Now what exudes happiness more than that? Christmas is a time of family, a time of rejoice and reunion. It’s also a time to have two weeks off of school, which is jackpot. Even the grumpiest of people can’t help but crack a smile in those two weeks, and no matter what, happiness is in the air.
But there’s only one person who would not enjoy this wonderful and pleasant holiday. And who is that, you ask? Who would possibly not like this day? I’ll tell you who. It’s the legendary Santa Claus himself. Now your next question will be: Why? Well, I’ll tell you why.bigstock-Santa-Claus-show-ok-isolated-o-38669275
I mean just think about it. The poor guy. All he does is sit in an incredibly cold place called the North Pole and make toys for all the other kids. He has to make toys for every single person in the whole world. Don’t you think that’s enough for him and his elves? His elves have to make toys that look exactly like the ones in the stores. He’s got to make an exact replica for every single child out there.
Then there’s the matter about his sleigh, pulled by flying reindeers. Those poor reindeers must pull the toys of every single child over almost the entire world. That must hurt all of their backs. At least Rudolph is having a jolly old time. You think that after doing this for so long, they might rebel against Santa, protest against him. Poor Santa has to deal with all that too.
Then there’s the fact about him being on the North Pole. It gets pretty cold there. How can Santa survive his whole life there? He must be freezing! He only gets a one night break from it all. And that night is already surrounded with delivering presents to kids. He has to climb through people’s chimneys. Now that must hurt. What if the fire is burning in the fireplace. Then we’ll be saying good bye to him. The guy has to squeeze through the chimneys to get in. That’s a very dangerous thing to do. At least he’ll be a lot warmer than on the North Pole.
Good ol’ Santa may not look that hard-working, but we should all pay him a little respect. He works harder than any person I can think imaginable. And he only does this for rewarding the goodwill of kids. He doesn’t ask for money. He doesn’t want food or water or a thermal space heater or toys. He just wants us to share the good of everyone down from generation to generation. He wants to reward this so much that he goes through all these burdens just for us. And we should thank him for that.
But, at the same time, we know that Christmas isn’t all just about Santa. Even Santa knows that. Christmas is about effort. It’s about spending time with your family. It’s about enjoying your life and all the wonders in it. It’s about rewarding the people who put their effort and possibly their lives into making this world a better world than it already is.
So remember: Grab a fresh batch of cookies and milk and enjoy your Christmas break! ‘Cause, again, you’re going to need it.

Contributed by PranavĀ Puttaparthi